12, Feb 2024
Ultimate Flags – A Tribute to American Values and History

Helping people celebrate the virtues, history and ideas they believe in with quality flags for sale in an easy to use online flag store.

Ultimate Flags Inc is far more than a simple retailer; it’s a tribute to the enduring spirit of American values and history. This American owned and operated company based in O’Brien, Florida is the oldest and largest online flag shop. The company offers an extensive collection of flags including all American flags; tall banner and feather flags (including Trump flag); historical US flags, Confederate, Betsy Ross, Molon Labe and 1776 Flags; 50 Star USA Flags and a wide variety of pins, signs, hats and gears. URL ultimateflags.com

Military Quality – Double Nylon Embroidered (2 ply)

Military quality nylon is the highest rated flag construction available, ensuring it will last for years and even decades in the harshest of conditions. It’s made from tightly woven, tough, lightweight materials with reinforced grommet holes for long lasting performance. This material is also known for being abrasion resistant and colorfast, meaning it won’t fade over time. It’s the ideal choice for parades, ceremonial events and for those who want to make a lasting impression with their display. For additional protection, all edges are stitched and hemmed for added strength. Each flag is individually sewn with strong, abrasion resistant thread and includes an official header. Each order is shipped with a convenient telescoping pole and boom.

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