2, Feb 2024
Custom Football Patches

Whether you’re at the local baseball diamond or a stadium cheering on your favorite football team, custom football patches are a big part of sports. These iron-on patches are a popular way to display your team spirit, and you can choose from a wide variety of designs and colors. You can even personalize your patches by adding embroidery or special thread.

Embroidered patches are a staple of sports uniforms worldwide, and they can be used to commemorate an event, showcase an athlete’s achievements, or to simply show support for your team. You can find embroidered patch logos on sports jerseys, varsity jackets, and baseball caps. Printed patches are another option for sports uniforms, and they can mimic a photo or a complex design. You can even add metallic details to your printed patches for a pop of shine.

Kick Off Your Style: A Guide to Designing and Showcasing Custom Football Patches

Chenille patches are a popular choice for sport jerseys and varsity jackets. These are similar to embroidered patches, but they feature a different feel and a more vibrant look. They can be customized to include a specific message or achievement, and they’re also popular for highlighting academic awards, such as letter jacket patches.

Dye sublimation patches are made of the same thread/yarn as embroidered or woven patches, but they’re not stitched beforehand. Instead, the thread is placed on a backing and printed with dye through a dye sublimation machine. These patches can be printed with a full-color palette, and they’re also available in a range of shapes and sizes.

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