19, Jun 2024
How to Use the Channel Monetization Checker

Channel Monetization Checker is an online tool that helps YouTube creators understand their monetization status on YouTube. The tool is also useful for multi-channel networks to assess their channels’ monetization readiness and define specific steps required to reach monetization. In order to be monetized on YouTube, a video must meet seven criteria including: Subscribers (1,000) and Watch Hours (4,000). YouTube manually reviews channels before accepting them into the YouTube Partner Program. Additionally, monetization can be de-activated if YouTube finds the content does not follow YouTube’s content policy.

Using this tool is easy and fast. Just enter the URL of the video and click on “Check Monetization.” You will instantly get the results – whether it is monetized or not, and an approximation of how much revenue the video has made since its publication.

This online tool works even for YouTube Shorts!

While there are some visible signs of a monetized YouTube video (ads before or during the video), this is not always the case. Moreover, monetization goes beyond ads and other ways of earning include Super Chat during live videos, channel memberships and merchandise sales. You may also see affiliate links in the video descriptions (shortened ones) that earn you a commission when clicked.

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