9, May 2024
CO2 Leak Detector

CO2 leak detector is increasingly being used in commercial refrigeration systems such as cold rooms, walk-in freezers, industrial refrigeration and food manufacturing/processing due to its lower environmental impact compared to other gases. However, CO2 is a very dangerous gas at high concentrations and a CO2 leak detector is therefore an essential tool for anyone servicing these types of refrigeration applications.

The eL-720 CO2 Leak Detector is the industry’s most advanced and user friendly CO2 leak detection system. It utilizes wavelength-scanned cavity ring down spectroscopy to measure the concentration of different atmospheric gases including their isotopic composition every 2-3 seconds. This allows you to quickly identify and pinpoint any type of leaking carbon dioxide gas from its source at a remote location. Whether you need to locate a CO2 leak in a refrigerator or cooler, a restaurant soda machine, or even a room filled with bulk CO2 at a manufacturing facility, the EL-720 will provide the solution.

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The clinical challenge of identifying intraoperative unfiltered CO2 leaks is an important and often overlooked area of surgical safety. This is particularly true in laparoscopic surgery where such leaks can be caused by surgeon choices (e.g. venting smoke or emptying pneumoperitoneum at procedure end) as well as by inadvertent leaks related to skin incision, trocar placement or instrument usage during the course of a laparoscopic or robotic procedure. An accurate, practical model for determining intraoperative CO2 leak ascertainment could significantly reduce risk and save costs.

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